GL Technologies is a full-service ISO/IEC 17025:2017 ANSI Z540 accredited calibration laboratory dedicated to providing quality calibration services and personnel to the Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries.  As GL Technologies solely focuses on and comes from these industries, we understand the importance of quality calibrations.   Poor quality calibrations in these industries have far reaching consequences and can result in:  

1.  Patient harm or death
2.  Loss of product efficacy
3.  Loss or compromising of a product lot
4.  Compromising of personnel safety 
5.  Damage to utilities or manufacturing equipment.   
6.  Risk of audit failure by a customer (as with partnership or CMO operations) or a regulatory agency.

Personnel placement has been a focus of GL Technologies for 20 years.   As a trusted source for finding and placing personnel our reputation for great treatment of our family/team members allows us to place quality driven and motivated individuals at the customer sites.   GL Technologies applauds the hiring of these individuals at these sites by the customer.   This has resulted in many senior technicians looking to us to place them at various stages in their careers.  We have also become the vendor of choice to place contract positions at our customer ‘s production or R&D facilities.   Over 180 individuals have been placed by GL Technologies and a majority of the Calibration/ Metrology/ Facilities Departments are now run by former GL/ Calibration Consultants family members. 

Historically because of our treatment of GL family members many customers have had us staff other positions such as MRO, Technical Writing, Facilities Technicians, Roving Facilities security personnel, CMMS management,  Maintenance/ Calibration Scheduling, and Calibration Certificate/ Work Order review.   

GL technologies holds the vision that if our customers do not succeed then we will not succeed.  We also understand that through our services many individuals are assured of getting the best possible life saving, healing, or comforting medication provided by our customers.

With years of experience with both Greenfield and Brownfield projects we can assist from groundbreaking to final close out calibrations and shutdown of a system or plant.   With years of experience in these industries we can setup an initial program, audit an existing program, or improve a program that is in place.  

GL Technologies stands ready to partner with our customers and are here as a source of information for those in the industry that had Calibration placed on their plate as an extra duty.

Calibration/ Metrology may not be your area of expertise but has been assigned to you.  We will answer to the best of our abilities any questions presented us whether you are a current customer or not.   It will always be our belief that the more locations that succeed in this area the better for all involved.

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